Shihab C Alavi

Master Personal Trainer

Shihab is a health coach and co-founder of DiFit Lifestyle. He strongly believes fitness is a not a destination…

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Shihab is a health coach and co-founder of Difitlifestyle. He strongly believes fitness is a not a destination but a way of life. Shihab is a highly qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor based in Dubai and offers expert personal training services throughout Dubai and Sharjah. He has worked with many of the international brands in the fitness industry. As a DiFit coach Shihab; an expert in designing and implementing dietary programs based on each client’s individual requirements. On his experience, he used to train celebrities, athletes and people with different medical conditions. His strength lies in understanding the clients needs and formulating tailor made training and workout programs for his clients in UAE. His programs include weight loss, muscular gain, core strength and also rehabilitation. With his expert knowledge of Pilates routines, he is also specialized in posture correction and core strength. He is here to serve you, guide you and make a huge impact on your fitness quotient.


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